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If you’re looking for a fancy introduction with lots of flare, this isn’t the page you’re looking for. Rather, I want to take a moment to casually introduce myself as the Founder of Chrisorah.

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If you’re looking for a fancy introduction with lots of flare, this isn’t the page you’re looking for. Rather, I want to take a moment to casually introduce myself as the Founder of Chrisorah. Before taking on any large project or working with another business, it’s important to me that I get to know the owner or team behind the company. In a world full of digital communication, that personal interaction seems almost lost these days.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint when I first started experimenting with computers, I’d wager it was sometime in the early 90’s. My father, an Electrical Engineer, had an old 486 computer in the garage. “If you can fix it, you can use it.” While most of my peers were out riding their bikes (remember when kids used to go outside?) I was neck deep in MS-DOS books left over from my father’s school years. Technology has rapidly changed since those days and it is those changes that have allowed me to efficiently start and run more than three companies.

In 2008, I started Vapor Talk, now one of the largest vaping communities in the United States. What started in a spare bedroom and funded by a small loan from my parents has now grown to become a multinational corporation with locations in Qingdao China, The United States and England. The entire operation, in it’s infancy, was based around an online forum (that now receives more than a million visitors per year) and a well built e-commerce store.

I bring this up not to sound arrogant but rather that outside of web design and development, I genuinely understand the needs of a business from the ground up. From infancy to maturity, I’ve walked through the steps it takes to ensure a company’s success. Vapor Talk has done well and is now run by a group of board members rather than a single entrepreneur, but it wasn’t without it’s failures. Learning from those failures has allowed me to not only help new companies jump start their web presence, but ensure they are moving in the right direction.

They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. That has been true for me and in 2012 I returned working with companies looking grow or enhance their presence on the web.

Starting and growing a company is extremly difficult. It’s down right scary to be honest, especially if you’re leaving a comfortable “9-5.” While the early days are always exciting, those long stressful sleepless nights when sales are low, that moment of preparation before walking into a meeting full of highly skilled venture capitalists that could make or break your company is rarely talked about let alone mentioned in a Web Design meeting. These experiences allow me to understand you as a customer, no matter what stage your company is currently in.

I love sharing my personal tales of success and failures. We don’t just help you develop a website, we help steer you in the right direction. Are you integrating shipping software to cut down on time spent shipping orders? Are emails automatically sent out to your highest paying customers? Is someone paying attention to your flow traffic and correcting problem pages with A/B campaigns? Perhaps your company simply isn’t ready to jump to a more advanced platform. My goal isn’t to throw you into an expensive project simply for the sake of profit. When that time comes, it’s my hope that our honesty leads you back us. People over sales. There are many answers to questions you may not have considered and that’s what I feel separates us from an oversaturated market of web technology companies.

It’s been my pleasure to work with clients all throughout the country jump start and grow their online presence. Many of those clients still work with us today and we share close, personal relationships with each other. While I think hiring a skilled web designer or developer is important, I also think the relationship beyond the project is important. I feel a certain personal duty to ensure that the platform we build for you, carries you on into the future. Of course, we have plenty of references on hand and are more than happy to share those with you.

Free Time

When I’m not not heavily focused in front of a computer screen you’ll catch me learning to fly in Southern California (Gliding), Playing the Piano & Repairing Antique Clocks.

I know there are many technology companies and I genuinely look forward to you choosing Chrisorah.

Christopher M.
Chrisorah Development Founder

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