Are you ready for WordPress 5.0?

Unlike minor updates which ensure the security and stability of WordPress, 5.0 is a major release. The roll-out for WordPress 5.0 is scheduled to start December 6th, 2018. Here are some things you should be aware of:

  • Confirm that your current pre-built or custom built theme is ready for the new Gutenberg editor. Highly outdated WordPress websites are likely to run into compatibility issues affecting your ability to post new content. In extreme cases, your website may become unstable.
  • If you are using plugins that insert shortcodes into the content area of posts or pages (Builders, Composers, Contact Forms, Custom Plugins etc), confirm they will still work in WordPress 5.0 Failure to update these plugins may result broken pages, plugins & other features your customers may rely on.
  • If possible, test WordPress in a staging environment before upgrading your live website. This will provide you time to review conflicts and possible compatibility issue (Chrisorah Infinite have access to free staging requests).

What is “Gutenberg?”

Gutenberg is the project name for the new WordPress editor slated for release in WordPress 5.0. The Gutenberg WordPress Editor will replace the classic WordPress editor, so it will be a very significant change in the way you edit the content area of posts and pages. With the new Gutenberg editor, you can add multiple types of media while editing a WordPress post or page, and then arrange the layout of the content directly within the editor using Gutenberg blocks. This may significantly affect the way your older website was built (especially if it’s running an outdated builder plugin).

What new features does Gutenberg offer? 

In addition to ensuring you are running the most stable and secure version of WordPress, Gutenberg offers the following content blocks for use:

  • Paragraph – Easily add paragraphs & text
  • List – Add bulleted or numbered lists
  • Image – Insert and image into your page or post
  • Heading Tags – Adds heading text to introduce new section and organize content for visitors +
  • Cover – Add an image or video with a text overlay. Useful for page headers.
  • Gallery – Display multiple images in a rich gallery.
  • Audio – Embed a simple audio player
  • Video – Embed videos from your media library
  • Formatting blocks including Classic, pullquote, verse, code and custom HTML
  • Layout Blocks – The ability to add Columns, Buttons, Media &  “Show More.” Page Breaks, separators & spacers.
  • Embed Blocks – Embed rich media from Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc

iThemes has a great write up in PDF for available Here.

How can I request an upgrade? 

I am a Chrisorah Infinite User – WordPress Installations that are subscribed to Chrisorah Infinite will go through an automatic upgrade process. Your plugins will also be updated automatically with a backup created before hand. A rollback request will be available in the event something goes wrong. You may request to opt out of the upgrade process until you’re ready. If you find your website is not compatible with WordPress 5.0, contact us for a free evaluation and quote. If your website was built within the last few years, it’s likely that only minor changes are required to ensure you can run the latest version of WordPress. We estimate 1-2 hours of work for most websites.

I have an Annual Webmaster Plan – If you are currently subscribed to a Chrisorah Annual Webmaster Package, you contact us for a free review. Assuming your website was built within the last year or two, you may require only a few minor adjustments to ensure you are ready for the latest upgrade. One of the many benefits to Chrisorah Annual Webmaster packages – minor changes to ensure compatibility are covered!  Older or highly outdated websites may require a new project.

My website was just recently built – If your website was built by Chrisorah within the past year, your website is likely already compatible with Gutenberg in mind and will automatically upgrade in the next couple of weeks.

Questions? Drop us a message! We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about this or any future WordPress updates.

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