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Chrisorah Infinite

Chrisorah Infinite automatically maintains your WordPress website by updating your Core Installation, Themes and Plugins. Daily backup & Restore Points in case of mistaken changes or edits. Scan for malware before Google de-indexes your site.


Chrisorah’s Infinite Plugin automatically maintains your WordPress website by updating your WordPress Core Installations, plugins and by creating daily backups in case of mistaken changes or edits. Our team also uses Chrisorah Infinite to monitor the overall health of your website 24/7.

Monthly Site Health Reports
Website Security management
Automatic WP Plugin Updates with Fallback Protection
Automated Website & Database Backup
24/7 Uptime & Service Monitoring

Chrisorah Infinite Service Features

  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Scan for malware before Google de-indexes your site
  • Daily Database Backup
  • Complete Site Backups
  • Automatic WP Plugin & Theme Updates
  • Automatic Plugin Compatibility Testing
  • Core Software Upgrades & Security Patches
  • SEO – Broken Link Reporting
  • Password Resets (Requires Call-In Verification)
  • Chrisorah’s Loading Dock™ Sandbox Service
  • Automatic Comment Spam Management
  • WordPress iThemes Security management, monitoring and reporting.
  • Bi-Weekly Junk Removal
  • Orphan File Reporting
  • Compatible with any hosting service (GoDaddy, LW, Deluxe Hosting etc)
  • Weekly Website Reports (Scans, Analytics, Plugin Updates & More)
  • Google Safe Browsing Scan & Notification – New!

Chrisorah’s Infinite Service can be setup in as little as one hour, with no setup fee. Our service is compatible with all major hosting providers and just about any WordPress website.

Automatic Updates & Security

If you run a critical website and only run updates periodically, you could miss out on updating the vulnerable plugins as soon as a fix is available. Chrisorah Infinite will automatically update your core files, plugins, themes, translation files and remove junk files bi-weekly. Additionally, your website is scanned every 24 hours for vulnerabilities, and patched accordingly. Major updates and compatibility checks are always done outside of company business hours ensuring maximum uptime. Over 200 of our customers currently use Chrisorah Infinite!

Plugin Compatibility Testing

If you’ve ever updated a WordPress plugin only for it to break another, you are familiar with the frustration that comes with cross plugin compatibility. Chrisorah Infinite prevents situations like this from happening. When a new plugin update is released, you’re website is first “cloned.” Our system then updates the cloned version to check if anything “breaks”. If it clears our check process, we will manually approve the update ensuring your website stays online. The entire process is hands off, allowing you to focus on your business.

Backup & Restore

Chrisorah Infinite automatically creates daily database backups and weekly full site backups in case of mistaken changes or edits. Plan to apply some large changes? Let us know before hand and we’ll create an extra manual backup at no additional cost. In the event something goes wrong we can restore your website in a matter of minutes. Our team also uses Chrisorah Infinite to monitor the overall health of your website 24/7.

Chrisorah Loading Dock - Learn In Your Sandbox

After all that hard work, learning how to edit and use your new website can be nerve wracking. Chrisorah Infinite Customers can now send in a “Loading Dock” request. Wh a request is received, a member of our staff will create a “clone” of your website. This process normally takes 10-15 minutes. When you’re Dock or Sandbox is ready, a temporary URL is sent to you by email containing your duplicated website. You can now make changes as you please without fear of affecting your live website. Once you’re comfortable with your changes, you can either export them or repeat the process on your live website. After 24 hours, your sandbox environment is removed from our server.

Protection & Peace of Mind for $12.99 Monthly

We also offer annual subscription discounts. In as little as one hour Chrisorah Infinite will scan & patch any vulnerabilities, update your plugins, enable our backup service & begining monitoring your website 24 hours a day.

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