24/7 Website Protection & Automatic Updates - Chrisorah Infinite Service
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Chrisorah Infinite™

Supercharge Your Hosting Experience.


It usually goes something like this: Customer “I’ve clicked on something and the website has gone down.” Us: “How bad it is it?” Customer “A complete meltdown, I’m pretty sure we deleted everything.” Us “Don’t worry, one moment while we restore your site.”

That is, if you were using Chrisorah’s Infinite service. No matter what goes wrong, we can always restore you to a most recent back. We take backups every 24 hours. What’s more, Chrisorah Infinite service updates your website, checks for security issues daily and patches core files all while you focus on more important things. Gone are the days of incompatible plugin updates which break your website. Before a major plugin or system revision is applied to your site, a duplicate is made first, our system then updates the copied version of your website to check if anything break. If it clears our check process, we will manually approve the update and ensure your website stays online. It’s really that simple.

Chrisorah Infinite Service Features

  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Site Offline Intervention
  • Daily Malware Scans
  • Daily Database backup
  • Weekly Complete Site Backups
  • Automatic WP Plugin Updates
  • Automatic Plugin Compatibility Testing
  • Core Software Upgrades & Security Patches
  • SEO – Broken Link Reporting
  • Password Resets (Requires Call-In Verification)
  • Chrisorah’s Awesome Loading Dock™ Service
  • Automatic Comment Spam Management
  • WordPress iThemes Security management, monitoring and reporting.
  • Bi-Weekly Junk Removal (Non vital files)
  • Orphan File Reporting
  • Compatible with any hosting service (GoDaddy, LW, Deluxe Hosting etc)
  • Setup and active within 1 hour, full protection within 24 hours.
It's like a time machine for your website. Except it also cleans house and updates everything.

Chrisorah’s Infinite Service can be setup in as little as one hour, with no setup fee. Our service is compatible with all major hosting providers and just about any WordPress website. Our Infinite service is included with many of our web design & development projects for the first 6 months.