Windows 10 Anniversary Woes – Problems with Update

Windows 10 Fans excited about the latest Anniversary updates are already reporting system freezes and crashes after applying the latest update. (Ourselves included!)  After performing a clean install on one of our test machines, Windows 10 loaded just fine. However, after browsing on Chrome for a few minutes we noticed the downloads froze at zero seconds. Figuring it was a problem with Chrome we closed it out and restarted. Again loading into Windows 10 for the first 5 minutes or so everything seems just fine. However, after opening various windows the taskbar blacks out, Quick Launch icons disappear and the start menu, clock and notifications area becomes completely unresponsive. In some cases the entire system freezes requiring a hard reset. (Though interestly, the active window seem not to crash…)

How to Roll Back Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Like us, if you’re unable to remedy any of the above mentioned issues you may need to roll-back/undo your Windows 10 Anniversary update.



  1. Hard Reset Your Machine and let it boot fully
  2. When you hit the login screen press and hold shift, while doing this click the power button on the bottom right of screen. While continuing to hold shift, click restart. This allows you boot into advanced options.
  3. Click, advanced options, then click rollback to previous build, then follow the steps on screen steps.

Some of the new features in Windows 10 Anniversary update looked great and until the freeze, the system felt clean and polished.  However it seems the latest update still needs some work. How such a massive glitch managed to make it into the wild  is beyond us but alas I’m sure the techs at Microsoft are already aware and likely working on a fix. Until an official response from Microsoft is released, the roll back seems to be the only option to resolve the freeze issues.

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