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Chrisorah Annual Care Plans

Annual Care Plans

Cost Effective Website Management

Don’t allow your website to become mismanaged, tired or outdated. Chrisorah Annual Care Plans not only ensure your website receives year round-professional care and support but we offer some of the lowest rates in the industry. We now even include Emergency & Holiday Support with all Annual Care Plans. 

Annual Care Plans are perfect if your company requires ongoing project assistance or website management. Chrisorah will complete ongoing tasks that otherwise take away your time from more important business needs. Pass along tasks such as website CMS updates, customizations, installs, additional web pages, slider updates, small tech based tasks and more. Your monthly allocated hours are free to use as you choose.*

Can I use My Chrisorah Annual plan to
update my website?
link my merchant account?
import products?
update my slider?
fix website error?
secure my website?

*Split payments available for well established clients. Please contact us before making payment.

Lock in Your Rate & Enjoy Savings of up to 50% Off Hourly Rates!

Up to 50% Savings Over Standard Hourly Rates! New pricing starts April, 2021. All plans purchased prior to April, 2021 will lock in their rate for 2 years. Whether you call us or emails us, rest assured, your website will receive year round-professional care and support with some of the lowest rates in the industry. 

Lack of design and development principes can often lead to beautifully crafted websites looking old, tired and outdated. Annual Care Plans allow us to ensure your website is always up to date, secure, performing at its maximum speed and maintains a beautiful, professional appearance.
Christopher - Lead Developer
  • Overages on time will be billed at our standard hourly rate (Net 15).  You will always be notified before you hit overages.
  • Unused time does not roll from month to month.
  • Packages are billed annually.
  • Not all sites are created equal. If your site was not built by Chrisorah, we want to ensure we can safely update your site and may require a one-time technical audit. 
  • May not be applied to new website projects/design overhauls.
  • Website migration from another provider is included.
  • Applies to a single website unless a multisite plan is purchased.
  • SEO covers basic on page meta and analytics tracking only.
  • Support applies to an existing platform only. New custom software, websites and application development requires a separate, individual project.
  • Does not include on-site consulting or technical assistance.
  • We are flexible in the use of our Annual Care plans. However, depending on the complexity of the task at hand, we reserve the right to require a separate, individual project.

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