It’s Time to Go Live

Website Migration & Launch

Let’s Show Off Your New Colors

At this point we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well! Many emails have been created, ideas discussed & changes made. But we’ve made it. It’s time to launch your website. But like any launch, checklists must be completed, training fully implemented and a watchful eye to ensure migration is seamless.

At this point you have become familiar with your Client Portal and together we will ensure all tasks and updates have been completed to everyone’s satisfaction. Alas however, our work is still not done. During the Web Design and Development process, your website was housed in a temporary staging area. Migrating a website is a delicate process that ensures it looks and functions the same way in it’s new home.


Launch Checklist

  • Content and Search Engine Optimization – This will vary between basic and advanced SEO depending on the choices you made at the beginning of the project.
  • Design Review – Double check page consistency, Image Compression & Optimization, Check Font Styles, Line Height, Navigation & Coloring
  • Analytics Check – We’ll want to ensure site data is ready for collection and that appropriate team members have necessary access
  • 301 Redirects – If you had a previous website in place, it’s vital that we ensure old pages are correctly redirected to newer version. Failure to adhere to this task could be detrimental to your search engine listings.
  • Development & Browser Testing – We will take some time to ensure forms and other elements function correctly and test them on different browser variants (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc)
  • SSL Check – Ensuring all of your pages are displaying the SSL “Green Padlock” symbol correctly. This is not only good practice, it is now an SEO requirement by Google.
  • Configure Search Console – We’ll connect you into Google Webmaster Tools to ensure the health of your website is in order. If you are using Chrisorah’s Infinite Service, we’ll link the two accounts and you will receive easy to ready, monthly reports about your website.
  • Crawl Verification – This ensures that your pages are showing and displaying correctly in search results (SERP).
  • Announcements and Marketing – Awesome, your site is now live and functioning correctly! You and your marketing team can now take steps to start promoting your new website.

Protecting Your Investment

Before launching your website, we will spend enough time coaching you how to control the data on your website. But before parting ways, there are some things you may wish to consider: How will I backup my new website? Do I feel comfortable updating core software and plugins? What about site monitoring and security?

Chrisorah Infinite is an affordable monthly or discounted annual service that takes the stress and hassle away from website maintence. We welcome clients to try our service free for one month. We are constantly adding new features to our Infinite service. You may also be interested in our optional Annual Webmaster Services.

Let’s Start Something New

If you’d like to chat, drop us a message. No sales pressure. We’ll answer your questions and once you’re ready, return back with us and we’ll get started.

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