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Web Development Process

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Web Development

This is where things get a bit more complicated. When the web designer is done, the basic framework is passed along to the developer. As we touched on earlier, the designer takes the idea from your mind and puts it into an artform. The developer is the person who brings it all to life.

Let’s take your email account as a great example. You might open an email, download an attachment, reply to the recipient, archive it and click back into your inbox. All of these little functions work because code is running the background telling your computer and a distant server what those buttons should do on your command. The developer’s job is to ensure all of this works seamlessly.


Breathing Life Into Your Design

During the initial mockup & design stage, this icon may simply have been an image. After development, it becomes interactive.

Chrisorah Web Design & Development

Building Your Website

After the Design Phase, we move onto development. This involves a number of important tasks, most importantly of which is bringing the website to life. During the early stages of your project, you likely received a design mockup. While this static image looked like a real website, it’s was not functional. You can open the image on your computer, but you can’t click on the menus, fill out forms or register. We must take that design and create functionality.

While there are far too many examples to list, some items may include: clickable buttons, automatically generated customer data that prints onto a shipping label, contact forms that deliver messages to your email or perhaps an interactive e-commerce store that allows PCI compliant based transactions.

The beauty of the Internet and programming in general, is that your imagination is the limit. Take our Client Portal for example. As our client base continued to grow, we required a simple solution that allowed clients to provide feedback, pay invoices, view invoices for tax purposes (1099), submit work orders and more. Rather than sifting through PayPal invoices, or calling in for updates, the Client Portal acts as centralized and interactive information hub for our staff and you, as our client.

Build the Framework

Build development framework

If a CMS such as WordPress has been decided on, now is the time to implement it and get the basic engine up and running. This involves setting up your SQL Database and configuring CMS settings tailored to your project. If we compare it to building a home, at this point we’re pouring the concrete foundation and checking for cracks.

Code Templates

Code templates for each page type

Your website website will have several pages (e.g. home, contact page, general content, blog post,etc). Depending on the circumstances, templates will be built to house these pages with consistency in mind. This not dissimilar from building the walls and rooms on top of your new concrete foundation.


Develop and test special features and interactivity

Every website has a different set of requirements and features. Here’s where the fancy elements come into play. Generally we will use dummy content as the website in it’s current state provides a relatively clean and uncluttered workspace. We may add in such elements as contact forms, quote builders, prayer forms, T Shirt Builder and just about any other element you’ve dreamed up in the initial phase.

Fill with Content

Fill with content

This involves loading all of the content provided by the you or one of our hired writers.  Don’t overlook this task! Content is extremly important in not only capturing your customers attention but is directly tied to Search Engine Optimization.

Test and Verify

Test and verify functionality:

We refer to this as the “polishing phase.” This is a good time for a full website review. We will carefully walk through every page created—everything from the home page to the submission confirmation page—and make sure everything is in working order. We invite you and or your team to hope in on the action.

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